K & K Industries, Inc.
K & K Industries, Inc.

Prime Contractor

  • Andersen Air Force Base, Guam


Replace Heating and Cooling in Seventy-Six (76) Military Family Housing Units,

Including Electrical Upgrades, Interior Finishes and a Decorative Retaining Wall

  • Cavalier Air Force Station, North Dakota


Construct Two New Military Family Housing Units and Remodel Twelve

Existing Military Family Housing Units

  • Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota


Upgrade Kitchens, Black Hills Estates


Upgrade One Hundred Two (102) Military Family Housing Bathrooms

  • Fort Campbell, Kentucky


Barracks Upgrade, Bldg 2996

  • Fort Carson, Colorado


3200 SD Upgrade

  • Fort Jackson, South Carolina


Replace One Hundred Five (105) High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

  • Fort Leavenworth, Kansas


Bldg 22 Renovation


Bldg 136 Electrical Renovations


HVAC Replacement in Historic Family Housing Areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7


Visitors Control Center

  • Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri


Renovations to Rooms 3649 & 3655, Bldg 3201, Lincoln Hall

  • Fort Riley, Kansas


Pedestrian Bridge


Replace Main Post Water Lines, Phase 2 & 3


Upgrade Existing Lift Station SP387


Urgent Water Valve Repair

  • Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming


Installation of New Fire Sprinkler Systems in Fifteen (15) Missile Alert Facilities


Remodel/Upgrade of Five (5) Missile Alert Facility Kitchens


Remodel/Upgrade of Nine (9) Missile Alert Facility Kitchens

  • General Services Administration - Public Buildings Service


Region 6 IDIQ MATOC, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska


Upgrade Lighting and Patch Paint, Kansas City, Missouri


  • Goodwill Industries of Lower South Carolina, Inc.


Construct Wall & Paint


Demo Soffit & Replace


Installation of New HVAC - Rivers Avenue


Installation of New Return


Installation of New RTU HVAC


Paint Hallway & Install Door


Relocate Doors & Paint Four Rooms


Repair Section of Sidewalk

  • Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union, Joint Base Charleston, SC
  • Joint Base Andrews, Washington D.C.


1,050 New Furnaces, Air Conditioning, Ductwork, Chimneys, Water Heaters,

Gas Meters, Gas Regulators and Complete Mechincal

  • Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina


Add/Alter Base Chapel, Bldg 1005


Add/Alter Red Horse Logistics Facility, Bldg 652


Add/Repair IMC Fire Suppression System


Construct Alternate Supply Feeder, South Annex


Electrical Outlet Installation, Bldg 548


Hydraulic Water Chiller, Bldg 532


Install Water Meters and Electrical Power Meters


Renovate/Repair Fitness Center, Bldg 708


Renovate/Repair Vehicle Maintenance Facility, Bldg 900


Repair 437th AW Headquarters, Bldg 16000


Repair Base Operations/Command Post, Bldg 169


Repair Base Water Tower


Repair Electrical Distribution System, Area I


Repair Electrical Distribution System, Area J


Repair Electrical Distribution System, Areas A, C


Repair Electrical Distribution System, Areas F, G


Repair Erosion Control Grace Hopper Bridge East Embankment


Repair Fire Protection System, Short Stay Recreational Facility


Repair HVAC Combat Camera Facility, Bldg 241


Repair IMC Pavement, Area B


Repair IMC Pavement, Area C


Repair IMC Pavement, Area D


Repair Lift Station #651


Repair Maintenance Facility, Bldg 536


Repair Military Family Housing


Repair Overhead Electric


Repair Retaining Walls, Bldgs 58 & 1665


Repair Warehouse Bldgs 65, 910, 3514


Repair Water Leaks, Multiple Magazines


Replace Circuit Breakers, Redbank Substation


Replace Remount Road Substation


Replace Vault Door, Install IDS Backup Power Supply, Bldg 850


Service Call & Diagnostic Work, Bldg 532


Upgrade Primary Electrical Service - Northside

  • Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek - Fort Story, Virginia


Geothermal Heat Pump Installation

  • Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi


Repair Fuel Code Deficiencies, Water Heaters and Furnaces

  • Louisiana National Guard


Repair Soffit, Bldg 1


Replace Fence

  • McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas


KC-46A Alter Taxiway Foxtrot


Repair Bathrooms, Multiple Facilities

  • Missouri National Guard


Base Wide Pavement Repair, Rosecrans Memorial Airport, St.Joseph, Missouri

  • Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland


Replace HVAC, Sheppard Terrace

  • Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada


Furnace Installation

  • Pope Field, North Carolina


Whole House Renovation - Forty (40) Units


Whole House Renovation - Twenty (20) Units

  • Pullar Community Building, Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan


Renovations and Addition

  • Richmond Township, Palmer, Michigan


Water Meter Installation

  • Sault Sainte Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians, Michigan


Residential Mechanical Upgrades - 19 Housing Units, Wetmore


Residential Mechanical Upgrades - 38 Housing Units, Manistique


  • Sault Wesleyan Church, Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan


Construction of New Sault Wesleyan Church

  • Scott Air Force Base, Illinois


Repair Colonial Housing Units 239 & 241

  • Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Michigan


BRAC A-10 Ventilation


Replace Floors, Bldg 164


Replace Sanitary Pump Station


Seawall Fence

  • Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina


Replacement of Heat Pumps, Electric Heat, Electrical Circuits, Thermostats

and Water Heaters in One Thousand Four Hundred Ninety-Seven (1,497)

Housing Units

  • Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina


Furnace Installation

  • Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas


Furnace, Air Conditioing and Ductwork Installation

  • Smoky Hill Air National Guard Range, Kansas


Enlarge Men's Restroom, Bldg 5010


Relocate Communications Tower


Replace Sewage Lfit Station

  • Town of Cheraw, South Carolina


Wilson Branch Neighborhood Drainage Improvements

  • United States Coast Guard


Kitchen Upgrade, USCG Springs Housing Unit, Long Island, New York


Repair Parking Lot Pavement, USCGC Kanawha, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

  • United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service


Twin Ponds Rifle Range Upgrades, Francis-Marion Ranger District, South Carolina


Office Design and Construction, Phase 1, Raco Work Center, Raco, Michigan


Rehabilitation and Water System Improvements, Brevoort Lake Campground, Michigan


Septic Pump Station Repairs, Brevoort Lake Campground, Michigan

  • United States Department of Defense, Department of the Army, Corps of Engineers


15kv Cable Replacement and Transformer Oil Containment, Kansas City District, Missouri


Flood Control, Mississippi River and Tributaries, Mississippi River, Stone Bank Paving,

Mile 616-326, AHP, Vicksburg District, Mississippi


Flood Control, Mississippi River and Tributaries, Yazoo River Basin, Yazoo Backwater,

Issaquena County, Mississippi, Steele Bayou Drainage Structure Stoplog Construction,

Vicksburg District, Mississippi


Kanopolis Dam Control Gate Replacement, Kansas City District, Missouri


Lucas Park Road Repairs, Wilson Lake, Kansas


Rehab Floodgates & Guidewalls, Brazos River, Fort Worth District, Texas


Replace Generator Cables and Cooling System, Little Rock District, Arkansas

  • United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management


John Rishel Mineral Information Ccenter, HVAC and Life Safety Upgrades,

Mayflower Island, Alaska

  • United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Midwest Region


Range Light Boiler Replacement, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Munising, Michigan

  • Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri


B2 Dock Light Replacement


Bear Lake Sediment Removal


Consolidate 400 Hz Power, Docks 1 - 12


Overhead Feeder Industrial Area


Repair Base Electrical Distribution Switches, Controls Systems


Repair Bear Lake Landscape


Repair Fire Deficiencies, Bldg 50


Repair Fire Sprinklers, Bldg 4055


Repair HVAC, DDC Controls, Lighting, Bldg 4055


Repair UV/IR Detection Systems in B-2 Docks 7 - 14 and LO Res Facility


Repair Steamline Insulation


Repair WSA Igloos Concrete Damage


Repair/Replace South Water Tower


Replace Controls System for Electrical Distribution


Squadron Operations, Bldg 41


Window Film Blast Protection

Joint Venture

  • Great Lakes National Cemetery, Holly, Michigan


Phase 1B Expansion


  • Allphase Electrical Company, L.L.C.


Asphalt Removal, Stall High School, Charleston County School District, South Carolina

  • Barony Place, Moncks Corner, South Carolina


Installation of Sanitary Sewer and Water Service

  • CBC of Charleston, Inc.


Biological Safety Room, Bldg 1000, Joint Base Charleston, SC


Bosch Temporary Storage Building, Charleston, South Carolina

  • Fort Leavenworth, Kansas


Emergency Power, Reginal Simulation Center

  • Fort Riley, Kansas


Replace Waterline, Williston Point Road, JOC


Sanitary Sewer Flow Diversion

  • Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina


Add Prefab Structure, South Annex


ASLAC Building Renovation, Bldg 328


Aviation Fuel Storage and Distribution Facility


Construct Office with HVAC, Bldg 360


Construct Parking Pads, ASLAC


Construct Trench Drains for Fuel Pipes


Electrical Repairs, Bldg 536


Electrical Services


Family Support Center, Bldg 755


Fire Protection System, Bldg 1693


Fire Suppression, Bldg 708


Forestry Roads, North Side


Forklift Charging Stations – Ordnance


Galley Sump Pump, Bldg 2402


Generators - Various Locations


Hazardous Storage Facility, Bldg 346


Hazmat Suppression System, Bldg 2332


HVAC Upgrade, Bldg 2400


Install Air Compressors, ASLAC


Install Area Lighting & Repair Sidewalk, Bldg 788


Install Commercial Chain Link Fence


Install Fire Protection System NEX Service Station, Bldg 724


Install Gate at Post 15 – Ordnance


Install Guardrails, Railroad Loading Dock


Install Lighting Protection, Bldg 129


Install Mini-Split Heat Pump, Bldg 1602


Install Mini-Split Heat Pump, Bldg 3446


Install Piping and SIPR Drops, Bldg 610


Install Security Grates, Bldg 501


Install Waterline on Grace Hopper Bridge


Installation of Mini Split Unit, Bldg 366


Lavatory Water Reduction


Marrington Snack Bar Upgrade, Bldg 784


Modernize Combat Camera, Bldg 241


Motorcycle Track Paving


Pad Infill at Brig


Renovate Airlift Control Flight Facility, Bldg 551


Renovate ASLAC, Bldg 455


Renovate Avionics Shop, Bldg 58


Renovate Bldg 2 - CE – OPS


Renovate Bldg 37 - CE – OPS


Renovate Kitchen, Bldg 755


Renovation and Relocation of Bench Room


Repair Aircraft Maintenance Fire Suppression, Bldg 519


Repair Aircraft Maintenance Fire Suppression System, Bldg 578


Repair Compressed Air Systems, Bldg 459


Repair Electrical Distribution System


Repair Enclosure, Base Theater, Bldg 219


Repair Exhaust Duct, Bldg 515


Repair Facility, Bldg 452 (ASLAC)


Repair Fire Suppression/Sidewalk, NNPTC, Bldg 2404


Repair Flight Simulator, Bldg 108


Repair Hazmat Storage Facility, Bldg 346


Repair HAZMART Facility, Bldg 713


Repair HVAC, Bldg 344


Repair HVAC, Bldg 864 (ASLAC)


Repair HVAC BEQ NNPTC, Bldgs 2407 & 2408


Repair HVAC System, Training Facility, Bldg 2400 (NNPTC)


Repair Interior Lighting & Repair Brick Veneer, Bldg 3506


Repair Lift Station #651


Repair Mail Center, Bldg 725


Repair Marrington Bowling Center, Bldg 784


Repair Motorcycle Training Facility


Repair NEX Mini Mart, Bldg 771


Repair NPTU Admin/Training Facility, Bldg 339


Repair NPTU HVAC, Bldg 2314


Repair Pavements, Bldg 691


Repair Pool Filtration System, Bldg 223


Repair Restrooms, Bldg 755


Repair Sauna Shower and Doors, Bldg 708


Repair Sidewalk, Bldg 2418


Repair Storm Drain, Bldg 184


Repair Stormwater System


Repair Student Processing Center, Bldg 2401


Repair Training Support Facility, Bldg 93


Repair Vehicle Maintenance Facility, Bldg 324


Repair Water Line, Bldg 221


Repair Weapons Facility, Bldg 78


Repair Work @ AES, Bldg 49


Replace Aviation Fuel Storage and Distribution Facilities


Replace Boiler, Bldg 536


Replace Cabinets, Countertops, Sinks, Dental Clinic, Bldg 2417


Replace Fire Pump at Wharf Alpha & Install Gates


Replace Generators, Bldgs 97 & 680


Replace Generators and Transfer Panels at Various Locations


Replace HVAC, Bldg 771


Replace Six Mop Sinks, Bldg 364


Replace Water Heater, Bldg 304


Restrooms, Bldg 459


Security Gates at Dental Clinic


Short Stay Naval Recreation Facility


Site Clean Up and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Controls, Redhorse Readiness & Training Facility


SMATT/BMATT Facility Modification and Installation


Tractor Trailer/Truck Area, South Annex


TSB-2 Engine Room Task Trainer Room Facility Installation


Upgrade Club/Commons Area, Bldg 325


Upgrade HVAC, Bldg 317 (ASLAC)


UPH HVAC Units Inspection


Various Electrical System Repairs


Various Repairs, Bldg 3814


Vault Door Replacement, Bldg 610


Vehicle Maintenance Facility, Bldg 209


Youth Center Kitchen Renovation, Bldg 788

  • Oneida Mill Apartments, Graham, North Carolina


Site Grading, Site Demo, Erosion Control, Storm Sewer, Water Distribution and

Sanitary Sewer

  • Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri


Fitness Center Locker Room Upgrades, Bldg 2014


Repair Fire Suppression in Base Warehouse, Bldg 115


Repair Steam Condensate Return System


Replace Airfield Lighting Cable and North and South Lighting Approach Systems


Weapons Storage Area North Drainage Improvements

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